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Saddle Pads

The English Saddle Pad helps to keep your furry four-legged mount comfortable under the saddle by preventing friction from the saddle rubbing against his back. A saddle pad also helps protect the saddle by absorbing the horse's sweaty grime during hard training rides. Just as there are several types of english saddles, there are different types of saddle pads to fit each saddle accordingly. Many dressage, shaped, and all-purpose saddle pads feature wicking material to draw the horse's perspiration away from his back and help prevent his overheating. English Half Pads give extra padding where the horse needs it, such as his withers area or back. The half pad lays on top of a regular saddle pad and is about half its size. Saddle comfort is a must for your horse and the right saddle pad is a big part of assuring the saddle sits well on your horse. With the help of the right english saddle and pad, your horse can move freer so he can perform his right stuff.