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Did your horse decide that their current bit just won't work? We get it, we've been there and that's why at Tack of the Day we bring you the largest selection of bits at the lowest prices. Find clearance English and Western bits in a variety of sizes from shetland to draft. A snaffle bit is a great choice for most horses and we have D-rings, loose rings, eggbutts, full cheeks and bouchers. While a single jointed mouthpiece was once the go to style, double jointed styles like French links, oval, peanut and anatomical mouthpieces are a popular update. For a little more control, consider upgrading your mouthpiece with a twist, Dr Bristol or ported mouth. For the experienced rider, a leverage bit like a pelham, gag or elevator adds exceptional control. Western riders on trained horses will also typically use a curb bit, sometimes called a snaffle due to the broken mouthpiece. Whatever your discipline or style of riding, Tack of the Day has the best prices on your next bit.

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