Fly Apparel & Summer Sheets

Horse Fly Protection helps your horse fight for the right to not get bitten! With the warm weather, flies and other annoying bugs come out to attack your horse and so the summertime war begins. Armor your horse with a fly sheet, fly mask, and fly boots. A fly sheet not only helps protect from irritating bites to your horse's body which over time can cause hives or skin breakouts, but a fly sheet is also helpful in keeping your horse's coat from fading. A fly mask keeps irritating flies from his eyes and protects from sun damage to his eyes and face. Because stomping flies can be damaging to the horse's hooves, fly boots not only offer relief from flies biting his legs, but also the ill effects of his constant stomping. When it is showtime and you have your horse all tacked up, ready and waiting for your class, consider putting a scrim or summer sheet over him to help keep him and tack clean. Pesky bugs, sun damage, and dust are part of the summertime experience, but your horse can enjoy the warm months much more with summertime protection.

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