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Grooming or Pest Control Supplies

Horse Grooming Supplies help to keep your four-legged friend feeling and looking great. Tack of the Day specializes in finding the best prices with clearance, overstock, and buyouts on grooming supplies by trusted brands. Grooming Supplies for your horse include brushes, hoof picks, shampoos, clippers and more. Grooming tools such as curry combs, along with hard and soft-bristled brushes remove dirt, sweaty gunk, and loose hair from the horse's coat. Regular grooming not only keeps your horse looking and feeling great, but grooming is a great way to spend sweet bonding time with him. Horse Shampoos, conditioners, and detangler products help in maintaining his healthy skin and coat and you will love seeing his shiny glow. Clippers maintain bridle paths and tidy muzzles, ears, and legs to keep your horse show ready. Body clipping or trace clipping your horse when he has grown a winter coat prepares him for hard work and for shows during the colder months. Make sure you keep him covered well with blanket protection from the cold. Hoof cleaning with a hoof pick is an important daily chore to prevent thrush development. Tack of the Day has the lowest prices on all the grooming supplies you and your horse need for daily care and show grooming.

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