Why HUG horse blankets? This is what the inventor of HUG horse blankets says: "Rubbed out hair is a common problem for horse owners that regularly blanket their horses in winter. No matter how well a traditionally built blanket fits, the constant motion of a horses shoulder can cause hair to rub off, particularly in the chest area.
HUG Blankets offer an innovative solution to this problem! By utilizing a completely separate piece of fabric on the chest area, the unique HUG Blanket completely avoids the problem of rubbing! The horse has complete freedom of movement and total protection from the elements!"
So, now you have it! HUG Blankets come in a complete range of fill weights, from no fill for mild climates, to 150 grams of fill, all the way up to 300 grams of fill for the coldest weather - or for the needs of your particular horse. Older horses sometimes need more of a HUG!

HUG also offers their HUG fly sheets - the same rationale, but for keeping your horse comfortable during the hot fly season, when rubbing can be an even bigger problem for your horse. Always find HUG Horse Blankets or Fly Sheets at the best prices here on Tack of the Day.