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Western Strapgoods to set you and your horse up for everything needed for tough ranch work or spiffy strapgoods with shiny silver to look snazzy at the shows. Western headstalls and nosebands are parts of the bridle that go on the horses' head to help communicate with him. The western bit attaches to the headstall and also the western reins which are held by the rider. The western breast collar helps your western saddle to stay in place from sliding back or side to side. Martingales are training aids and help to control a horse's head carriage. For saddle security, the western cinch is attached to the saddle and tightened around the horse's girth to comfortably hold the saddle in place. Make sure your strapgoods are properly sized to your horse. Also, the gradual introduction and proper and gentle use of strapgoods help your horse respond better and avoid a wreck. Train and ride your horse with strapgoods that look good when appearance is important, but always use good fitting, quality gear that is maintained properly so you and your horse enjoy many happy trails.

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