Horse Clothing

Get functional and fashionable Horse Blankets and Fly Protection so your horse can feel great no matter the weather. Horse Blankets in fun and fancy colors and patterns will have your steed putting on his own show for his stablemates. Stable blankets from lightweight to heavyweight offer the right amount of warmth for the stalled horse. Suit him up with a light sheet when there is a subtle chill visiting or a heavier blanket when Old Man Winter has come to stay for the season. For protection and comfort for the pastured horse or the horse that has the option to go in and out of his paddock, attire your mount in an appropriately weighted turnout blanket as it includes waterproof protection and a tough exterior. For refuge from biting summertime flies and pests, along with the sun, armor your horse with fly sheets, fly masks, and fly boots to help him keep his sanity. Keep your horse looking on-trend and feeling sweet throughout the year from the bug-infested summer to the frigid winter with suitable horse blankets or fly protection.