Winter Blankets & Coolers

Winter Horse Blankets help to keep the effects of the frigid winter on your horse at bay. Stable and Turnout Blankets are available in a variety of fill weights, so you can keep your horse prepared for whatever Old Man Winter throws out. Sheets with no fill to lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight filled blankets allow you to cover your horse accordingly for every weather condition from a light chill to a full-blown, arctic blast. When your horse is outside in the elements, a turnout blanket features waterproof or water-resistant materials, as well as a more tough exterior to hold up better than a stable blanket would to the outside circumstances. Fleece coolers are used to help cool your horse off after he has gotten heated following a heavy workout and he needs to slowly cool down before you can blanket him back up for the frigid night temps. Coolers help wick sweat away and assist with the gradual cooling of your horse's body temperature. For all your horse's cold-weather attire needs, suit him up well with winter blankets, sheets, and coolers.

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