About Us

About TackoftheDay.com

TackoftheDay.com, the original equine daily deals' site, began in 2005. It originally offered only one product per day until it was sold out. Then, we went to two products, adding the 'Bonus' item. As time went on, TackoftheDay offered more items on a limited-time basis, sometimes up to a week, in our 'Weekly Steals' section.

Why pay full price when the savings are right here on TackoftheDay.com?

We are Inexpensive

Yup, that is the first reason you will choose to buy from Tack of the Day. And, let's be honest ... you are a horse person and you are addicted to buying stuff for your horses. That is especially true of tack. Ok, not just tack, but riding gear, grooming stuff, and, well, anything that has to do with your horse.

The Anticipation Will Kill You (figuratively)

You will wait every day for 'High Noon,' Monday through Friday, when you will hit the refresh key waiting for our new item to pop up.

Try It!

No, we're not in the business of curing your addiction, rather we're in business to feed it with a healthy dose of horse stuff at totally tacky prices. We like that you're here with us every day at lunch time. It makes the whole addiction thing a little less, uh, unseemly. Besides, not all addictions are bad.