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A Letter from the CEO

As the founder and former owner of Equestrian Collections, I have been involved in the equestrian industry and community for over 30 years - and continue to be so on a daily basis. One of my daughters runs a lesson and boarding facility in Virginia and has devoted her life to teaching riding and training horses. Her daughter is following in her footsteps.

I share this personal background so that our customers can understand why we now have personal protection equipment, sanitizers and disinfectant products available on our website. It is because many of my friends, family, community of veterinarians, groomers, farriers and other equestrian professionals are out there every day caring for our horses and ponies. Many without adequate protection and supplies to keep their facilities safe and their businesses open in very difficult circumstances. They simply can’t find or have access to the safety products they need.

We have dealt with supply chains for decades and have the ability to offer these items to our equestrian community via our website. It is our desire to help, along with strong commitment to our industry to fill this void for our community. Our website offers grades of masks not normally reserved for medical communities (such as the N95 masks), but still provide a good level of protection for people that have frequent contact with others like our veterinarians and for people like my daughter who has asthma, has a high risk family member at home - and are considered essential. Hand sanitizer is a must in the barn and at ring-side - where handwashing at a sink can be problematic. Being British by birth, Dettol is a well trusted brand choice for home, office and barn - great for getting brushes, buckets and bits clean, as well as for wound cleaning.

Our equestrian community - services, tack stores, on-line retailers, manufacturers and horse owners are all struggling to get the safety supplies they need to keep their businesses open, service their customers, keep their employees safe and to be there at the end of this pandemic. If you have horses and ponies, they continue to need daily care - our intent is to help everyone that is involved in doing that get the items they need and so stay a little bit safer.

Chris Duggan

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