What is going on here?

At noon (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday, we will post new unbelievably useful and precious items for horse or rider at an equally unbelievable price. That's right - new items every day! Posted at Noon time (Eastern). You'll call your friends and make sure they get one. You'll post your amazing find on every equine forum you can think of. You'll brag about it at the barn. Then you'll wait for tomorrow at noon to feed this incredible addiction you're forming. Please refer to the Why us? tab.

Do you have unlimited quantities?

No. We will have a limited number of items every day. When they are gone - they are gone.

Sometimes specific colors, sizes, or styles of an item will sell out. When that happens, you simply will no longer see that color, size, style, etc. in the options drop-down box. This can happen wicked fast, so pay attention and click like crazy when the clock strikes 12:00! Otherwise, you will cry and stomp your feet.

How do I know how many are left?

You won't. We will. If our software is having a good day, an "OUT OF STOCK" sign will appear when the item is sold out. If our software got up on the wrong side of the bed, you simply won't be able to add the item to your shopping cart.

Who are you people?

We are the most popular tack site now on the Internet, and we've been around since 2004, so we are trustworthy and not a fly-by-night operation. We have thousands of people who are addicted to the madness of the daily sale! Why don't you join in?

Can I get one from you after it goes sold out?

No. Once they are gone, they are gone.

What's Your Shipping Gig?

Unlike other tack companies, we don't make profits on our shipping. You pay what we pay to get your stuff to your front door. There will be plenty of opportunities, however, for some free shipping deals. We make nice with the companies whose products we sell. They show us the love by giving us a break on shipping. Guess what? We pass that on to you! Aren't we awesome?

How do you ship?

We use the Post Office, UPS, Fed Ex or flying pigeons. Whatever works. We give you an estimated shipping time in each ad for how long it will take for you to receive your order, so you can plan when to stand by the side of the road waiting for the carrier to arrive.

Are there backorders? How soon do you ship?

Never backorders - we have the stuff and we only have so many - when they are gone - they are gone. We charge your credit card right away so that we can secure the products for you. We usually ship in 1-2 weeks (hey, the stuff is cheap and worth waiting for.)

Is it returnable?

Are you kidding, at this price? We suggest that you sell it on EBay and you will probably make some money. Another good idea would be to use it as a gift for a friend. We sold it to you at this phenomenal price--and you bought it because it was really cool and really cheap--but we don't want it back! That means it is yours, even if it doesn't fit you or your horse. You are taking a chance, sure, but most of the time it will be perfect, and it if isn't, well, you still had the adrenaline rush of buying it before anyone else could. Now, take responsibility and sell it on. If you want to pay full price and get full service, there are lots of other sites for you to shop on. We'll miss you--but we think you'll be back.

What if it is defective?

Tack of the Day items are only warranted against manufacturer defects. Equine merchandise including horse wear, used in all disciplines, is virtually impossible to warranty due to the nature of the horse himself and the things he comes in contact within his daily routine. We ask that you look over the item before using it for any defects; after they are used it is sometimes impossible to distinguish between defects and normal wear and tear.

You will need to send email help@tackoftheday.com for approval and tell us exactly what it does or doesn't do. When you get the approval email there will be instructions in there on how to return it for a refund against your original credit card payment.

How do I contact you?

By email at help@tackoftheday.com.

How do I know what is coming up?

You don't. That is why you will be obsessed with noontime every day.

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