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Kensington Catch Mask w/ Ears & Nose is Fly Mask & Halter Hybrid
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A Kensington exclusive: the world’s only combination fly mask/halter. The innovative double-locking lead rope fastener turns the fly mask into a catch halter with the clip of your lead.

Crafted with proven Textilene® fabric in natural colors that blend with your horse’s coat color. The camouflaging affect minimizes product wear and tear associated with pulling and biting from other horses. The Come to Life Paint Pen allows the masks to becustomized to show your horse’s natural markings and further enhance the camouflaging effect.

Coordinates with the Natural Collection Fly Boots that are our Main item today, as well as the Fly Mask without ears that we are selling on 'TOO today.

Colors: Black, Bay, Chestnut/Sorrel, Gray, Patriot Plaid
Sizes: Sizes: Medium (700-900 lbs.), Large (900-1200 lbs.)

A stallion and a mare were due to get married, but the stallion didn't show up at the church. He got colt feet.

"Will I ever be able to race my horse again?", the owner asked the vet. The vet replied, "You certainly will, and you'll probably beat her too!"